How To Deal With Unwanted Animals On Your Property

Posted on: 25 March 2018

If you have unwanted animals on your property, such as a skunk that keeps spraying or a woodchuck that keeps digging under your home, or squirrels in your attic, you are going to need to call in the assistance of an animal removal company to help you with the issue.

State Rules Dictate What Happens to the Animals

When hiring someone to remove animals from your property, it is natural to wonder what happens to the animals. In many instances, homeowners just want the animals to stop bothering their property, they don't want to harm the animals.

How the animal removal team deals with the animals really depends on the laws in your area. Many states require animal removal teams to catch and release the animals at a different location. In other states, animal removal teams are not allowed to relocate the animals, and have to humanely euthanize them in order to get rid of them. What is done with the animals that are caught really depends on the laws in your state. The company you hire should be able to explain to you what will happen to the animals.

Trapping Animals Takes Time

When you hire an animal removal company, don't expect them to come to your house and walk away an hour later with that pesky skunk. It takes time to catch animals. Generally, what will happen is the animal removal team will talk to you and learn where you see the specific animals in question and what you know about their behavior. Then, they will look around your home for signs of the animal.

After that, using your information and their observations, they will set up traps or cages for the animals. They may put food outside of and leading into the trap to lure the animals into the trap.

Then they will leave the trap there. They may come and check the trap in a couple of days, or they may ask you to check the trap each morning and call them if there is any animals inside of the trap.

This process can take some time. You may not catch the animals that you were intending to. You may have to catch and release other animals before your target pest is caught.

If you have animals on your property that are damaging your home, an animal control and trapping service can help you catch and remove or put down these animals so that they no longer damage your home.

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